Free Loot Event - Sunday 6 November 2011

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Free Loot Event - Sunday 6 November 2011 Empty Free Loot Event - Sunday 6 November 2011

Post  Luchomucho on Tue Nov 01, 2011 6:39 am

Newbie Free Loot Event - Sunday 6 November 2011
Courtesy of Jaguar Spirits Society

Calling all New Players, join us in a search for lots of free, and some unusual loot, cool prizes (like guns and armour) and plenty of fun. Details below:

Place: Meet any Jaguar Spirit Member at Port Atlantis New Arrivals TP (Teleporter); we will fly you to a secret location.
Date: Sunday 6 November 2011
Time: 2100 hrs Entropia time (press “U” on keyboard for Entropia Time and time will appear in chat box)

Entry Requirments:

Cost: No cost, this is a free event put on the Jaguar Spirits Society as a welcome to all newbies, not just our members. Oh! And because it is so much fun to do.

Skill points: Anyone who is Agility Skill 20 or under is very welcome to join the scavenger hunt. (To check your Agility points, press “K” and then in left hand panel, choose Attributes, you will find agility there)

Prizes: Entrants are only eligible for one special prize. For the special prizes, we will hide a special object (we will tell u what on the day) and when you find this object, tell us the position where you found it and we will give you a very nice prize.

Hint: Try and pick up anything that is not a plant, for example, ammo, money, hides, stones, fruit, even a pile of dung it could be loot. (Double click on object to pick up)

Good luck to all
Shirl – Jaguar Spirit Society

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